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Petition For Permit Parking. How To Buy, Renew, and Where.

If you are interested in obtaining permit parking or to attempt to change the existing time restrictions, please download the document. It includes information about the “preferential parking” program in the City of Los Angeles. Any request requires a petition of your block to be circulated. The information is all in the PDF document we have posted here.

If your street already has permit parking and you just want to obtain a permit, visitors, guest permits, renew, pay and where…

Obtaining a Preferential or Overnight Parking Permit
*In order to purchase or renew a parking permit, you must pay all outstanding parking fines.
You can purchase a Preferential/Overnight permit if any of the frontage of your residence is posted with Preferential/Overnight Parking District restrictions. There are three types of Preferential/ Overnight Parking Permits:

Annual • Visitor • Guest

In order to purchase any of the above permit types, you will need to establish an account first either online or in-person.

For Preferential Parking districts, parkers with disabled license plates or disabled placards issued by the DMV are exempt from parking restrictions but need to purchase permits for their guests and caretakers. Overnight Parking districts do not have the same exemptions for disabled license plates and/or disabled placards and will need to display a valid Overnight permit. Caretakers who need additional information about permit rules and regulations pertaining to them should call the Parking Permit Hotline number above.

When engaged in qualified work, the following vehicles shall be exempt from parking restrictions established:

A vehicle, identified as owned by or operated under contract to a utility, whether privately, municipally or publicly owned, when used in the construction, operation, removal, or repair of utility property or facilities or engaged in authorized work in the designated Preferential/Overnight Parking District.
A vehicle identified as owned by or operated under contract to a governmental agency, when used in the course of official governmental business.

Apply for new permits ONLINE – Click Here

If you chose to apply online, please make sure you have all the necessary documents ready to upload as a PDF, JPEG, or TIFF file.
Please follow the instructions carefully as any missing items or information will cause a delay in your application.
Please allow up to 2 weeks for your application to be reviewed.
Permits will be mailed to your address.

Apply In-Person – Click Here

If you need your permits same day, please apply in person at a PVB Public Service Center.

If you have any questions, please call our Parking Permit Hotline during normal business hours:

Parking Permit Hotline: (310) 843-5936

Helpful Links

See the parking permit fee schedules.
Find out how to get a replacement parking permit.
Find out how to transfer your permit to another vehicle.
If you already have an active account, visitor permits may be purchased online, picked up from one of our four convenient Public Service Centers or requested by mail.

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