Nuisance Properties

And What to Do About Them

If you live near or are being affected by a nuisance property, here’s the steps to take that give city officials what they need to potentially prosecute the offenders.

Some of the new large sized homes (also known as Mc Mansions) have created new nuisance issues becoming instant rental locations. These rental properties are known for hosting parties, porn shoots, and more.

1. Call Non-Emergency LAPD Response to report the disturbance – be prepared with the address for the operator to generate a call for service.

2. Make note of the time of the party and the call you make.

3. Follow up with an email to our Los Angeles City Attorney Neighborhood Prosecutor and let them know the information you’ve noted. Email them here.

4. Our neighborhoods have a community cop called a LAPD Senior Lead Officer. Email them the same information — the location, the time, note your call for service and a brief description of what occurred. Any further evidence can be very helpful Photos, video that can be carefully taken helps law enforcement and city officials make a case against the landlord and occupants.

5. Encourage other neighbors to call the nuisance issue into the non-emergency LAPD response. The more that call the chances build for a stronger case.

High Tech Can Help Us Stop Crime

One of our best lines of defense against crime is the License Plate Reader Campaign (LPR). Please join the initiative