No Trespass Form

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File A Yearly “No Trespass Form” With LAPD – Allows Them To Arrest Unwanted or Unwelcome “Visitors” On Your Property

One way to ensure your property is protected from trespassers and squatters is to post “NO TRESPASSING” signs in appropriate areas and file a (< download it here >) “No Trespass Authorization Form” each year with the LAPD. This form gives authorization for the police department to make an arrest of a trespasser or squatter when you might not be home.

It is a good practice to make sure you have “NO TRESPASSING” signs posted on your property like the one below with the municipal code clearly marked. If anyone is to trespass on your property this will assist LAPD in filing the proper charges and making an arrest. Just drop it off at the LAPD Wilshire station at 4861 Venice Blvd Los Angeles 90019 (click here to map it).

For more information, contact our LAPD Senior Lead Officer at (213) 793-0708 or call the LAPD Wilshire Station directly at (213) 473-0476

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