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Welcome to the brand-new, first of its kind Melrose Action Safety Center. Here you’ll find amazing resource information to keep you and your loved ones safe while connecting you to valuable city services all carefully curated with you in mind. Our Safety Center is organic! It’ll evolve based on the needs of the community.

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Meet Your Goverment

Meet your city, county, and state officials with their contact information

L.A. City Services

Connecting to City of Los Angeles Services is as easy as dialing

Melrose Boundary Map

See the area that we cover

Our Area SLO Officer

Contact your community police officer from LAPD’s Wilshire Division.

Nuisance Properties

Party Houses

Nuisance properties have become magnets for the party scene, transients and criminals.

Contacting 9-1-1

Call 9-1-1 if you can, text if you can’t. Contacting 9-1-1 has never been easier. See the latest.

Homeless Encampments

Homeless encampments an issue? Learn the cleanup procedure, what to do and how to do it.

Permit Parking

How to buy, renew and where to do it all, if you are interested in obtaining permit parking.

Combatting Graffiti

Help combat and fight illegal graffiti.

Three ways to report graffiti in the City of Los Angeles

How To Report A Crime

If you’re a victim of a crime, what do you do? File a report

No Trespass Form

Filing a “No Trespass” form with LAPD allows them to arrest unwanted “visitors”.

Crime Tips

Immediate detection is key to prevention and apprehension. Learn tips to help secure your property.

Hate Crimes

Learn all about Hate Crime, find valuable resources, and how to report them

LAFD’s CERT Program

Get certified in the LAFD CERT program – for general emergencies and disaster response.

Earthquake Information

It’s not a matter of “if” it’s “when” an earthquake occurs, know what to do during and after the quake!

Shopping for Security

What to look for in a security system for your home or business.  We have the high-tech scoop.


Law enforcement simply cannot be everywhere. Your eyes and ears are needed for terrorism intel.

LAPD Wilshire Station

If you live within our boundary area, your local police station is the LAPD’s Wilshire Station.

Catalytic Converter Theft

Don’t Be A Victim. Toyota Prius are the target.

Local Fire Station

For your safety, Melrose Action wants you to know our neighborhood fire station location and information.

Public Health

The latest on Los Angeles County public health issues

West Hollywood Crime

Get the latest information about crime in our neighboring community, West Hollywood.

Air Quality

Check back soon!

Pet Emergency & Care

This page is being curated!


Check back soon!


This page is being curated.

High Tech Can Help Us Stop Crime

One of our best lines of defense against crime is the License Plate Reader Campaign (LPR). Please join the initiative