Become a Block Contact

Be Part of Our Block-By-Block Network

Block Contacts are volunteers whose primary mission is to inform neighbors on their block about public safety and quality of life issues in the Melrose area, plus get as many as possible to register on the Melrose Action website so they can get first-hand alerts.

Block Contacts are part of the Melrose Action Neighborhood Watch inner circle who will be among the first to hear about activities in our area related to safety, new initiatives to combat crime, meetings with public officials and law enforcement and other important programs of Melrose Action.

To become an official Melrose Action Block Contact take these three simple steps:

  1. Register as a subscriber HERE. After signing up you will get automatic emails when breaking information is distributed and receive our newsletter/crime update.
  2. Send an email indicating your interest in being a Block Contact to
  3. After receiving an e-mail confirmation from Melrose Action that you have been officially accepted as a Block Contact, do your best to secure as many emails from your neighbors as possible so you can form a neighbor chain of communication for your block in case of emergency or a crime notification. Also encourage all Neighbors to register and become a subscriber to Melrose Action so they can get first-hand alerts as well.

As a small token of appreciation Block Contacts will receive a free Melrose Action Lawn Sign or Placard ($20 value), which is invaluable in letting would-be criminals know you’re watching!

If you have any questions please feel free to Phone or Text: (323) 599-7365 or send an email to We’re an all-volunteer organization so please be patient and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

High Tech Can Help Us Stop Crime

One of our best lines of defense against crime is the License Plate Reader Campaign (LPR). Please join the initiative