From LAPD SLO De’Antraye Dantzler…
Week 4/7- 4/13/2024
3- Robberies
2 – Burglaries/ Theft from Motor Vehicles
3 – Burgluary
240707980 – 500 N Fairfax, Robbery at gunpoint for expensive wrist watch
24003925 – 400 N La Cienega, Robbery (bodily force). Suspect homeless, took Victim’s phone and microwaved it. officers Arrived and Arrested Suspect in public business.
24003850 – Hayworth/ Willoughby, Carjacking (bodily force). Suspect threatened victim. Attempted to take her work vehicle. Officers arrived/ Suspect fought Officer
240707964 – 300 N Spaulding, Catalytic Converter theft, Toyota Tacoma 2016
240708035 – 8200 Melrose, Backpack stolen out of vehicle, Tesla M3 2022 Window smashed
240708034 – Melrose & Gardner, Victim parked his vehicle in the area. Upon return he noticed he was missing parts from the car ( passenger side mirror cap and blind spot sensor)
24004657 – 7200 Rosewood, Suspect pried open rear door, entered and ransacked residence. Suspect fled with property from residence.
24003835 – 8200 Melrose, Suspects opened lock box and located key to location. Suspect opened business with the key, entered business and took property from business.
24005132 – 7200 Melrose, Suspects threw rock through front glass door. Entered location and stole property and money.
Side Note:
Armed Robbery at Melrose and Alta- Vista yesterday 4/17/2024
 Case #: 24005401 – Suspects approached Victim, pointed gun and took Victim’s wrist watch.
4 Suspects arrested later in the evening for the Robbery.